Converting to a secure web solution will allow you to focus on your business needs backed by innovative Technology.


Web Browser Access
Web Browser Access
No other Software required
User friendly Interface
User friendly Interface
Designed to fit your business needs
Tablet and Phone Interface
Tablet and Phone Interface
Your information on the move
Centralised updates
Centralised updates
No waiting or locking
Multi User Access
Multi User Access
Accessable across the whole organisation

Rapid Application Development

Bespoke Database Solutions Ltd may be able to migrate your spreadsheet system to a Web Database solution in as little time as 2 days!!

The rich wealth of your organisations information will be Securely accessible anywhere inside or outside the organisation through a simple web browser. No additional software would be required to be installed on all End Users machines. Effectively you would save money by getting rid of all your legacy desktop database licences such as Ms Access.

Other benefits would be :

Project Proposal
  • The strength of Oracle, the technology behind your Bespoke solution.
  • All company data centralized and updated once.
User Requirement
  • Powerful search features allowing any piece of Report data to be filtered instantly.
  • Powerful Charting capabilities enabling you to visualise historical data trends
User Acceptance Test
  • User friendly and intuitive User interfaces
  • A professional design process to capture all your bespoke requirements
User Guide
  • Your own cloud portal giving you a secure window to your company data when in or out of the office
  • Secure Multi user access to 10's, 100's and 1000's of users.
User Acceptance Test2
  • Eliminate duplication of your information with a robust database.
  • Highly scalabe database which can grow as your business grows
  • Automatic Emails
User Acceptance Test3
  • Mobile options putting you in the driving seat when on the move.
  • Migration of existing data from old legacy systems to the new solution.

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