Our Services

These are the packages offered to provide you with a Web Database Solution

BDS Bespoke

Tailored Design
This package offers the ultimate in flexibility providing a Bespoke, Tailor made, Web Database solution, a perfect fit for your business requirements.


Software as a Service
This is the most cost effective package offering a more generic Web Database Solution based on a subscription pricing model.

BDS Off the Shelf

Pre-Built Solution
This package starts with an on-line demo of a pre-built Web Database close to the Solution you require. With some small modifications we can offer a solution in half the time a system built from scratch.

BDS Mobile

On the Move
This is our most technologically advanced package. We offer a smart phone, mobile interface for your Bespoke Database Solution. Your information accessible anywhere on the move.

Project Lifecycle

Requirement Capture, Project Proposal
User Requirement, wireframe mock-up
Iterative build, User testing sign off
User Acceptance Test completed, handover
Training and Initial Support

Services Overview

To deliver your Bespoke Solution full documentation will be delivered for every phase of the Project Lifecycle.

This will keep communication lines open, so you take ownership of all stages of the project. Only when the relevant document has been signed off will we proceed to the next stage. This will ensure you will receive an end product tailored to your exact requirements.

Requirement Capture
To start the development process of your Web database Application, an understanding of the business is required. This document will give you instructions to enable your business processes to be captured and documented.
Project Proposal
This document will; Introduce your business, identify the Issues, Propose and Scope a Solution. Time and Cost estimates will be given and an on-line proof of concept Demo will be provided.
User Requirement
This will be the blue print of your application design. All web pages will be defined with business rules and screen shots. A wireframe mockup will be demonstrated giving you an excellent visual communication aid before any development commences.
User Acceptance Test
During the build phase, this document will enable you to test and sign off the business rules as each module is completed. You will gradually take ownership as you will be satisfied your requirements have been met. Finally a User Guide will be provided to supplement End user Training.